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Product Updates
Product Updates
Highlighting some of our most recent updates.
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Capture Live Payments for Invoices
Linkedin now included in Social Planner
Comments in Workflows
Moving Actions in Workflows
Recording Manual Payments on Invoices
Choose Publish As for Facebook Groups in Social Planner
Workflow Contact Attribution Variables
Custom Values Module Available in Audit Logs
Invoice Changes Not Saved Notification
Funnel Speed Enhancements
Membership One Click Upsell
Restore Tasks Opportunities & Notes Added to Audit Logs
Tags Module Available in Audit Logs
Partial Search in Payment Product Section
Copy and Delete Individual Actions in a Workflow
Folders in Email Builder
How to Create an Invoice
How to use Facebook Conversion API with Attractzen
Eliza Appointment Booking Bot Workflow Updates
Form and Survey Speed Enhancements
Membership Speed Enhancements and “New York” Theme Added
Moving Actions in Workflows
Adding a Time Zone for a New Contact Record
Recording Manual Payments on Invoices
Split Testing in Funnel Builder Date and Time
Workflow History Action Log Banner
Booking Bot Variables in Workflows
Facebook Groups and Instagram Added to Social Planner
DND Channels
Campaign Contact View Opens in a Newtab
Workflow if Else Condition Updated for Notes
Smart list updates
Sort Contacts by Business Name
Universal Search
Workflow Enhancements for Note Added Trigger
Training HUB Getting Support
How to create a smart list
Funnel Version History
Google Analytics v4
Membership Search
Membership Video Downloads and 1080p hosting
Partial search in the payment products section
Workflow Custom Values Added for Timezone
Dynamic RSS Email
3D Secure in 2 Step Order Form and One Click Upsell
Split Testing Multiple Domains
Calendar Updates
Country Picker for Phone Numbers in Order Forms
CSS comments in the funnel builder
Funnel and Website Builder ABC Sorting for My Layout and Global Sections
Email builder update for statistics
Email builder cleanups
Email Builder Backgrounds
Drip Mode Start Time
How to create a smart list
Revshare import
Training HUB Getting Support